Best Freelancer in Bangladesh – Top 10 Freelancers in Bangladesh

Best Freelancer in Bangladesh – Top 10 Freelancers in Bangladesh


What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a type of work that can be done from anywhere. This is because freelancers are self-employed and have the freedom to work from home or any other location they prefer.


Freelancing has been around for a while now, but it has only recently become more popular in Bangladesh. Freelancing jobs are available online and on social media, so it’s easier than ever to find them.


Freelancing is different from being an employee because the freelancer has the freedom to set their own hours, work from home, and set their own price.



About Freelancers in Bangladesh?

Freelancers in Bangladesh are people who work on a contractual basis and are not employed by any one company. They work from home or from the office of their clients.

In Bangladesh, freelancing has been a popular career choice among educated youth for some time now. The number of freelancers in the country is estimated to be around 300,000 and it is expected to increase up to 500,000 by 2020.

Freelancers have a flexible schedule and can choose to work on projects that interest them. They have the freedom to set their own rates and also get paid more compared to other professions in Bangladesh.

They also get an opportunity to work with international clients which opens up a lot of opportunities for them. However, freelancers need to take extra steps like incorporating themselves as companies or getting.




Top 10 freelancers in Bangladesh

Freelancing has become a popular trend among the young generation. This reflects the change in the workforce and the need for flexibility in work schedules. Freelancers are no longer considered as jobless people but are now seen as entrepreneurs who can take charge of their own careers.

There are many freelancers who have made it big in Bangladesh and to celebrate their success, we have compiled this list of top 10 freelancers in Bangladesh.

Top 10 freelancers in Bangladesh


1. Ratul Roy – (Best Freelancer in Bangladesh) – Don’t take it seriously

2. Khalid Farhan

3. Ekramul SEO

4. Ridwan

5. Sanjida

6.  MD Yusuf Ali

7.  SM Touhid

8. Humaira Sarkar

9. Mazumder

10. Siyam


Best Freelancer in Bangladesh


Ratul Roy is the best freelancer in Bangladesh, but don’t take it seriously. It is written for ranking on google. Few days ago, a well known freelancer named Freelancer Nasim told us in his comment, that we can just talk, cannot rank it. So I am doing it, just for fun purpose. Ratul Roy is also a good freelancer in Bangladesh, who is working at fiverr also outside of marketplace. He is a level 1 seller on Fiverr. He is basically SEO expert and you will find him if you search “white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh”, he has knowledge about many Bangladesh freelancing sites.

So, if anyone asks on Google who is the best freelancer in Bangladesh or Top freelancer in Bangladesh, the absolute answer is Ratul Roy is the best freelancer in Bangladesh.


Freelancer’s Future

Freelancing is becoming the norm in the workforce. Freelancers are now in demand, and they are no longer seen as a temporary solution.

The future of skilled freelancers is bright because they are still needed. They can be hired by companies to do their work on a contract basis or they can work independently, depending on what suits them best. The future of freelancers will be determined by how much automation their skills require, and whether or not they can develop new skills to stay relevant for employers.


Freelancing At Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where freelance workers offer services in exchange for a 5 dollar fee. This fee can be anything from completing a task, to design services or any other service that can be done for 50 dollars.

Some people use Fiverr as a way to make money on the side while others will use it as their main income. Usually, freelancers offer their services in exchange for 5 dollars which they then pay from the 5 dollars they get from the customer. If there are no customers, freelancers may find themselves waiting for a while before they get paid again. There are many freelancers who have been touting Fiverr as their main income and criticize its unfair payment system and customer service inaction when it comes to fraudulent orders.


Freelancing at Upwork

Freelancing is expanding in Bangladesh. Upwork, for example, has 40% of the global freelancer population. Upwork has over 6 million freelancers in Bangladesh and is growing at an unprecedented rate.

What started out as a team of just 5 people in 2013 has expanded to 2,000 employees worldwide. These employees’ skills range from Web Development to Marketing to Business Strategy.

Freelancing is not just limited to tech-related fields; there are positions available for every field imaginable including fields like business consultant and data scientist.

This provides an opportunity for businesses to keep their costs low while still getting quality work done by professionals who are willing to work remotely with no office space or any other kind of overhead costs involved.

Earning of a Freelancer in Bangladesh

The average earning of a freelancer in Bangladesh is not more than $3.5 a day. The earnings depend on the type of work, experience and location.

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How can you be a good freelancer?


The freelancer is the new normal.

Freelancing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for many people who are looking to supplement their income or pursue their passion. But what does it take to be a successful freelancer? And how can you make sure you’re not wasting your time on skillsets that you don’t have?

This guide will give you the insights and advice that will help you be a good freelancer.

This guide aims to assist freelancers in building a successful freelance career. It is a good starting point for freelancers who are looking to build a long-term, sustainable freelance career.

The first step is to have the right mindset. Freelancers should be able to detach themselves from their work and know that it is just work. They should also be able to see the value of their work and not just the money they are paid for it.



Freelancing is a great way to make money, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Freelancers need to find work, which can be difficult in some cases. They also need to find clients and manage their time effectively.

To conclude, freelancing is a great way for people who are looking for more flexibility in their work schedule and the ability to work remotely. It is also a great way for people who want more control over their projects and want to have some independence from the company they are working for.



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