10 Items to Find in Thrifting

10 Items to Find in Thrifting

I wanted to offer you a quick write abreast of 10 items to ascertain out thrifting and the way to see how something might look styled.

Since I used to be a tough girl, I even have loved to style new and old together. My mom had tons of antique and country pieces styled with newer pieces and my style is analogous to more splashes of recent pieces.

The thing you’ve got to understand is you can’t buy an old charm. Well, you’ll form a thrift store or an antique store – but I’m meaning from a replacement store.

Most folks don’t have copious amounts of cash to drop at Pottery Barn so I hope this blog helps you on your next thrifting trip!

1. Old Vases and Urns.
One of my favorite things to style with is old vases. they’re beautiful with faux/real florals or left alone. they appear stunning on a shelf, cocktail table, or side table.

2. cocktail table Books

Books are often really expensive and if you only want them for a cocktail table filler or styled on a bookshelf, consider watching the thrift store selection. I scored this stunning “The Hawaiians” book and that I looked it up online and it’s worth over 40 dollars.

3. Crocks

If you’ve got ever been to an antique store, you’ll see the worth that a crock can hold. Anywhere from 80-300 dollars. I really like styling with crocks. I even have an antique one from our family property and also this one I just picked up at a thrift store for twenty dollars!

I filled it with hydrangeas and it’s such a bright cheery piece for guests to ascertain as soon as they enter our home.

4. Old Artwork

I LOVE mixing modern pieces of art with old art. I recently stopped by our local thrift store and purchased this vintage piece of art for 2 dollars. If eager to make them look a touch more modern you’ll even paint the frames black or white too!

5. Candle Sticks

I didn’t buy any candlesticks on this recent thrift trip, but I even have within the past. The thrift store is chalked filled with candlesticks. Usually in brass or gold. you’ll keep as is or paint black to form them feel a touch more modern.

6. Baskets

I’ve drifted numerous baskets over the years and yesterday I picked up this teeny round basket. they really gave it to me for free of charge since there was no price thereon.

7. Old Lamps

Yesterday I used to be trying to find a chunky big lamp I could paint. Look beyond the lampshade ( those can easily get replaced )

8. Quilts

I love collecting old quilts. Quilts are often extremely expensive to get so I always keep my eyes peeled for quilts when visiting thrift stores!

9. Mugs and Pottery

I spied this gorgeous chunky mug and that I knew I had to possess it. I always keep my eyes peeled for pottery I can stack on my shelving in our kitchen also.

10. Mirrors

This mirror within the photo wasn’t thrifted. But I’ve seen old brass or gold mirrors as thrift stores numerous times. one among my favorite designers layers gold mirrors on her mantel and it had been breathtaking.