Best Places to Spend Nightlife in Orlando

Best Places to Spend Nightlife in Orlando

Nightlife in Orlando may not be {the biggest|probably the biggest} priority for most, but the city – along with its several {big-name|big name} theme parks – hosts an awesome range of restaurants, bars, {clubs, and live shows|live shows and clubs}. {You’ll|You will} certainly not be lacking for choice.

Both Disney and Universal promise plenty in the way of things to do {after dark|at night}, including whole zones dedicated to nightlife, such as the popular CityWalk™ {or|or perhaps|or even} the famous nightly light and firework shows over Cinderella’s Castle. Orlando’s quaint downtown area also comes alive in the evening, with {a solid|a strong} mix of {local-style|local style} taverns, modern bars, {rooftop spots and live theatre|live theatre and rooftop spots}.

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Wall Street Plaza

{Even though|Although|Though| even though} {many of|a lot of} the bars here get {packed-out|packed out} with {day-trippers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and international tourists|international tourists, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and day-trippers}, Wall Street Plaza – right in the heart of Downtown – still offers a more’ local’ experience {compared to|as compared to|as opposed to} other nightlife areas in Orlando. This entertainment complex promises {a fun|an enjoyable|a playful} mix of {laidback restaurants, lively bars, and all-out nightclubs|all-out nightclubs, lively bars, and laidback restaurants}, with {7|seven} venues in total. Head to Hooch for their 4pm to 7pm {happy hour|hour that is happy|hour which is happy} and alfresco setting, Monkey Bar for {cheap and delicious martinis|delicious martinis and cheap}, Sideshow for {feel-good|feel good} American food and live sports, and end {your night|the night of yours} at Shine, a cheesy yet {hugely|very} popular nightclub.

Pointe Orlando

Pointe Orlando {is|is actually} an all-in-one dining, nightlife, and shopping complex wrapped up as one easy-to-reach entertainment and leisure hub just off International Drive. {Other|Some other} than all the watering holes, {you’ll|you will} find {a multi-screen|a multi screen} cinema, a dozen {or|or perhaps|or even} so shops, and several restaurants, meaning {this is|this’s} a great place to hang out in the daytime, too.

Downtown Clubs

Nightclubs in Orlando – particularly the ones found in the lively downtown area around Lake Eola Park – see international DJs packing out venues on a weekly {basis|schedule}. Venture into the world of lasers, {lights and shiny surfaces|shiny surfaces and lights} in the {highly-rated|highly rated} Tier Nightclub. The Beacham provides a huge space set in a converted old warehouse and hosts great {one-off| one-off} events and themed parties.

Universal CityWalk

Although its theme parks close around 8 pm, {that|which} {doesn’t mean | do not} stop Universal from keeping in the crowds with its range of nightlife options, most of which {can| |could} be found in and around the popular CityWalk™. Dubbed as Universal Orlando™’s’ entertainment hotspot,’ {many|a lot} of the bars, {restaurants and shows|shows and restaurants} here keep going well past midnight. {Of course|Obviously|Naturally}, the Hard Rock Cafe® {here is|here’s} {always|surely|for sure|, naturally,|, obviously,} a safe bet when it comes to good, honest food and {sing-along|sing along} rock anthems, while other top dining spots include a sushi and burger bar.

Kings Dining & Entertainment

Bowling, billiards and {2|two} lively bars all under {1|one} roof make this among the {top|best} {family-friendly|family friendly} things to do at night in Orlando. Located on the prominent International Drive and right by Universal, {it’s|it is} also {super-easy|super easy} to reach if {you’re|you are} staying at one of the nearby resorts. {There are|You will find|You can find|You’ll find} {22|twenty two} {10-pin|10 pin} bowling lanes in total, alongside lots of other games {such as|like|including} billiards, table tennis, foosball and a full bocce court. Food-wise, expect wings, {burgers and pizzas|pizzas and burgers}, but the drinks menu also throws out some surprises {such as|including|like} craft ales and signature cocktails for under {$10|ten dolars}.

Orlando Improv Comedy Club

Among the {line-up| lineup} of bars, restaurants, {shops, and other entertainment venues|other entertainment venues and shops} at the popular Pointe Orlando, this Comedy Club stands out as the most original nightspot, promising a night of {adult-only|adult only} laughs. The Improv Comedy Club has been heralded as a launchpad for the careers of dozens of {famous|popular} comedians today, welcoming talents {such as|like|including} Robin Williams, {Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld|Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler}, and Drew Carey to the stage since opening more than {40|forty} years {ago|before}. Check the schedule before arriving, with the club normally only staging events Thursday through Sunday.

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