Choosing Your Healthcare Consulting Provider

Choosing Your Healthcare Consulting Provider

#1 Industry knowledge and insight: Healthcare consulting providers who understand the world continually monitor and measure the trends that affect their clients. When selecting a partner, ask questions such as:

How do they demonstrate their credibility and insight?
Is there clear evidence of thought leadership and a diary of achievements?
What do their clients say about their insight and skill to deliver?
Thought leadership, in-depth research, and a team equipped to reply to difficult questions all point towards the expertise your organization needs.

#2 Specialist areas: ‘Healthcare executives are now increasingly thinking that their organizational interests are best served by retaining niche firms. for many hospitals meaning working with a healthcare consultant firm that displays a deep understanding of their chosen field. VIE Healthcare is that the only healthcare consulting provider with a proven capability through our own in-house expertise to research your non-labor costs to dramatically improve your operating margins and the economics of your organization.

#3 Sector experience: the foremost effective healthcare consulting providers work with their clients on a day-to-day basis to make sure success. VIE Healthcare’s Executive Team has collective expertise in numerous areas, including purchased services spend, margin improvement, frontline innovation, supply chain sourcing, vendor negotiation strategies, analysis of IT services, and patient care. Our expertise has already saved healthcare systems throughout the US over $600 million.

#4 Response to technology: I cannot emphasize enough the necessity for hospitals to adopt and embrace new technology. IT demand in healthcare drove 81% of growth in 2019. With continued innovation in technology, however, overspending thereon systems may be a potential risk. VIE Healthcare offers the industry’s only benchmarking data and contract visibility specifically for IT pricing and terms for hospitals.

#5 Understanding of analytics: The influence of massive data and analytics are transforming healthcare. Without proper data analytics, your organization can’t translate its data into actionable insights, which risks bad decisions around your financial strategy. At VIE Healthcare, we work on the principle that ‘what is measured are often improved’. Bad or misinterpreted data is worse than no data in the least. Your chosen healthcare consulting provider should concentrate on data analytics for healthcare so as to maximize your potential non-labor cost savings.

#6 samples of innovation: Innovation in healthcare is important for hospitals to deliver quality patient care. Choose a healthcare consulting company with a transparent commitment to innovation that delivers major cost savings to your organization. VIE Healthcare stands at the forefront of hospital expense reduction and maybe a pioneer within the field of purchased services spend reduction with our automated, patented Invoice ROI™ technology.

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Our innovation extends to our EXCITE! educational program and Patient Journey Mapping®,

#7 Staff turnover: one of the foremost important assets in healthcare consulting is that the team who work on the frontline together with your hospital. Continuity, expertise, transparency, and trust are vital to putting together relationships with healthcare leaders.

If a healthcare consulting firm cannot hold on to its staff that’s impossible. I like to recommend choosing a healthcare consulting firm with a robust record of employee retention.

#8 Thought leadership: Healthcare consulting providers must be capable of providing solutions drawn from their expertise including a background of recent and relevant client experiences. Search for samples of thought leadership in research reports and case studies and review all of their available online resources and blog for evidence of experience in your specific area.

#9 Client retention: Winning clients is one thing, especially for healthcare consulting firms who have skilled sales professionals representing them. Retaining those clients is another. Successful consultants prioritize client relationship management and satisfaction and retain those clients over a variety of years. When selecting a healthcare consulting provider, invite evidence of satisfied clients.

#10 Character and integrity of the leadership: The leadership sets the tone and culture for the whole healthcare consulting company. Effective leaders are highly regarded for their integrity and work ethic. they’re not afraid to challenge established views, innovate and push the boundaries. They also hear the requirements and concerns of their clients. Key characteristics of successful healthcare consulting leaders include evidence of their strength and commitment to their industry, a longtime team – and transparency in everything they are doing. As founder and CEO of VIE Healthcare since 1999, my focus is on delivering immediate, guaranteed margin improvement and sustainable cost savings to our clients within the face of multiple and increasing financial and operational pressures.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of due diligence in choosing your healthcare consulting provider. They absolutely must have a proven diary of delivering solutions for several years.

Furthermore, they need to be ready to demonstrate their commitment to keeping to the standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). How they protect your data is critical.

Please reach bent me to discuss the ways during which VIE Healthcare can empower and support your organization within the vital areas of margin improvement, transforming the patient experience, and delivering high-quality healthcare.