Do You Like Vegan Patties? Here are the Recipes

Do You Like Vegan Patties? Here are the Recipes

Want Some High Protein Vegan Burger Patties?

I’ve been performing on this soy burger recipe for touch while now then excited to finally share it here. For all those of you who want to form your own homemade goodies and skip all the prepackaged stuff, these patties are a special level of awesomeness.

Two basic ingredients and a couple of spices make this an incredibly tasty and magical creation:

Brown rice
Organic soy

The Method is Simple:

Cook the rice
Soak soy crumbles
Mix with the spices
Form into patties
Pan sear to perfection!

Are these veggie burgers grillable?

I really wanted to realize a meaty texture and appearance almost like the Beyond Meat burgers and that I find that to be an excellent success btw… However, I cooked my patties during a cast-iron skillet and not on the grill. to form the feel perfectly grillable I suggest adding 1/3 of a cup of important gluten into the combination rather than the breadcrumbs. If you’re getting to pan sear these then bread crumbs work perfectly.

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The patties get their natural color from a mixture of roasted beets and smoked paprika but without overpowering the ultimate flavor profile.

The Toppings:
There are numerous delicious sauces and vegan cheeses you’ll increase your burger. I wanted to specialize in the particular patties during this post and topped them with the standard suspects: tomato, avocado, vegan smoked gouda, and a couple of baby greens.

Vegan Patties That Check All the Boxes:

Protein Loaded
Easy to form from Scratch
100% Plant-Based Vegan.

Don’t Worry About Soy!
Unless you’ve got an allergy, non-GMO soy is actually your friend. But don’t believe me, hear the scientists and researchers, those providing us with unbiased peer-reviewed research project papers on the matter.
Remember to report back here if you are trying this recipe, snap a photograph and tag me with #VeggieSociety on Instagram, it always makes my day ~ Florentina Xo’s.

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