Dubai Desert Tours Tips

Dubai Desert Tours Tips

One of the most famous tourist activities of Dubai is the popular " Dubai Desert Safari". The desert safari
and holiday packages in Dubai is basically a trip into the strength of the desert on the 4×4 Toyota Land
Cruiser. This amazing trip starts with the tour operator’s vehicle picking you up from the hotel or house.
The vehicle seats six people so if you would like privacy you can negotiate an affordable rate with the
tourism firm beforehand and get the full vehicles for yourself. After being picked up you will be driven to
a meeting place where the rest of the vehicles will assemble and all the vehicles will proceed into the
desert as a group. The desert safari is definitely a roller coaster ride as drive thrillingly up and down red
sand dunes. After a little ride, the convoy will come to a stop in the center of a desert at a camel farm
you will get chances to take images and stretch your legs.

How the journey begins and things to do in Dubai?

It begins with a hard-driving in the sand by a professional river. When you will be in the desert, you will enjoy
the camel ride which can make you take a little trip to the local village to view the traditions of desert
life. Not only this but, you can enjoy the Wadi-Bashing or sand skiing in Desert Safari. When it comes to
the time of night, is time to enjoy the flavor of the dessert banquet.

The most amazing thing is the serving of food under the dim light. You are going to serve with a
barbecue and lots of other Arabian dishes. You can also plan a romantic dinner and you can also get to
view the belly and smoking of hookah in the desert safari.

Visitors can not have a thrilling period in Dubai if they do not visit a magical location like Desert
Safari. So book your cheap flights to Dubai. For ease and safety, a lot of tours provide tour operators.
And you can pick the one which you can think suits you excellent.
There are 3 things to be considered when planning a mystical Dubai desert safari trip.

 Dune dinner or evening desert safari
 Overnight desert safari
 Wadi bashing or hatta safari

After dinner there is a belly dancing show and the belly dancer will be glad to teach you some steps
you will never forget. All in all, the Dubai desert safari is a must-do if you are going to Dubai.