How To Choose The Right Leggings

How To Choose The Right Leggings

Choosing leggings might sound frivolous because it is the most versatile piece of clothing in our closet we can comfortably wear throughout the year. Yes, if you know the basics, it’s not such a big deal, but if you do not wear them correctly, you might just end up with a camel toe, which is a complete turn off! Eeeks! Most of us forget that leggings are not pants. You may check out Eagles leggings

1. Size

To avoid any gaffes related to sizes, ensure you have your sizes right. Either measure it yourself or get it done at the store or from a professional. It is important because the sizes differ with brands and knowing your actual measurement will always help. Also, remember to err on the larger side if you are an ‘in-between’ of two sizes. For example, if you are somewhere in between M and L, go with L – or try both of them first before you buy the smaller size. Try a couple of brands just to be sure.

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2. Length

As we already know, leggings come in various lengths. How and what you choose to wear them with is entirely a personal choice. However, just make sure the outfit looks like it has been put together well.

  • Full Length

They extend a little below your ankle, and most of them will give you soft pleats near the shins, depending on your height. These are usually worn under long Indian kurtis, tunics, flowing boho tops, or in winter (paired with boots).
  • 3/4th Length

  • Ankle Length

These are the sexiest of them all. Go with almost anything – slip dresses, tunics, jackets, coats, capes -you name it. Also, any or all kinds of footwear look equally good with these.

  • Knee Length

Mostly used as workout apparel – gym, yoga, walking, hiking, running or even for travel.

  • Stir Up Leggings

Stir up leggings are back in fashion, and we could not have been happier. Because we can never get enough of leggings, can we? You can practically style these with everything in your wardrobe.

  • Printed Leggings

Printed leggings are something we all need to invest in, and they add a little zing to your outfit. However, just make sure you try them on before you pick them up because most printed leggings look great on the hanger but fall flat when stretched on the body. A lot of this depends on your body size and type. Also, remember this ground rule – if the leggings are printed, the top needs to be plain. You can experiment with bold and contrast colors, but as far as prints are concerned, let the top be in monotone.

  • Stockings

Stockings are meant for covering your legs while wearing skirts and dresses. They are, by no means, a replacement for leggings. Stockings, pantyhose, leggings, and tights are all similar yet different in their own way; do not get confused or bogged down by it.

  • Workout Leggings

Athleisure – the choices are limitless. And, workout leggings are yet another addition to this clothesline. Gone are the days where annoying sweats were your only options.

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