IWB, OSP, Appendix of the best Springfield Armory Hellcat holsters

IWB, OSP, Appendix of the best Springfield Armory Hellcat holsters


SIG changed the face of concealed carry firearms forever with the invention of the SIG Sauer P365 and subsequent pistols in that category. It does not matter if they were first to market because they created a new category of pistols (although it is debateable if they were first to market).

The high-capacity micro compact pistol is now the most common of this category.

As many large rounds as possible can be stuffed into this pistol’s magazine in a micro-compact size and you’re good to go. While the P365 changed the game, Springfield Armory’s Hellcat pistol raised the stakes.

It offers a greater variety of micro compact options than the SIG P365, despite not being as popular. Here is our review of the SIG P365XL, and here is our review of the Springfield Hellcat Holster.

Our goal is to help you by releasing articles such as the one on the “best Springfield Armory Hellcat holster”. This allows us to narrow down your search for holsters by testing many different products.

However, it is not an exhaustive list. The number of holsters we test does not mean we have tested every holster, and this is not an exhaustive list of all holsters we have tested.

Which SA Hellcat holster is the best we’ve found so far? The following are a few short reviews of holsters that I’d consider to be great choices for the Hellcat.

IWB Tulster Holster Springfield Armory:

My current favorite holster for this gun is the Tulster. It’s fantastic. After contacting the company’s owner, I recently received my first Tulster Holster. My Sig P365 XL needs a dedicated holster as well, since I have a Hellcat on the way from Springfield Armory to compare with it.

When I wear pants that require a belt, I use this Kydex holster to protect my Hellcat. The one they sent me was of a single-wide clip design, which I don’t usually like, but their website also offers loops and customization options.

The holster fits tightly around the gun. The retention can be adjusted so that I do not have to worry about the gun popping out for any reason.

Besides having adjustable cant, the Tulster holster comes in a variety of Kydex colors if you’d prefer to use a color other than black.

The Tulster holster is available on their website and on Amazon. Echo Mag Carriers are also highly recommended. In addition, a review sample was sent to me and I have been quite pleased.

I would definitely recommend it.

It technically wasn’t purchased for the Springfield Armory Hellcat as I’ve owned this JM4 Tactical holster for quite some time now. JM4 Tactical, however, sells holsters that can fit several different guns with their leather magnetic retention holsters.

The JM4 Tactical holster I own has been with me for a few years now, so it wasn’t purchased for the Springfield Armory Hellcat. JM4 Tactical’s magnetic retention leather holsters have the advantage that one size will work for several different guns.