The 3 Best Motorcycle GPS Locators of 2020

The 3 Best Motorcycle GPS Locators of 2020

Are you afraid that your motorcycle will be stolen and you’ll not be able to find it? Then, just check this article on the best GPS locators for motorcycles and choose the one best suits your needs. Once in place, you can be sure of knowing where your motorcycle is at all times.

GPS Locator for Motorcycle CITTATREND TK120B

If you are looking for a high-precision motorcycle GPS locator to locate your motorcycle in case of theft, this device will come in handy for you.

The model uses different bands to emit its signal, in order to be able to be located without problems. Where the locator is, the motorcycle will be. Of course, you should always put it in a place that is not visible to the eyes of thieves, to prevent them from seeing it and can remove it.

In this case, you can enjoy a standby autonomy of up to 80 hours, while offering a large memory inside, to make it easier to find the locator and therefore the motorcycle.

Regarding its size, it is very small and very light. Thanks to this you can easily hide it on the motorcycle.

In addition, it has many extras, but the one to pay attention to is the alert system when you exceed the speed limit. So you know you have to slow down and avoid getting a ticket.

GPS Locator for Motorcycles XCSOURCE in Real-Time

Another interesting alternative to know where your motorcycle is located in the model offered by the Xcsource brand. In this case, you will be able to know the location of your mobile in real-time. To know it, you only need to install an Android or IOS application and you will find your motorcycle at all times.

This system will not only help you find your motorcycle in the event of theft, but it will also be very good at locating your motorcycle when you have parked it and you don’t really know where you left it. In addition, many parents install the locator on their children’s motorcycles, in order to know where they are.

Once inside the application, the locator through the Google map will give you the exact location, so you can go and pick it up. Furthermore, the precision is very high even in cases where the signal is very low.

Of course, this model is connected to the motorcycle and does not work with batteries as in the previous case.

GPS Locator for Motorcycles Incutex TK104

A very interesting alternative when buying a good locator to locate the motorcycle is the option offered by the Intex brand. It is one of the smallest on the market and has a very competitive price.

The operation is very simple. You must call the locator and at that moment you will receive an SMS to your mobile, in which you will be told where it is through some coordinates. These will be quickly entered on the mobile map and you will be able to locate your motorcycle in a matter of seconds.

It also has the option of alert for movement or alert for speeding. And as if this were not enough, it comes with a long-lasting battery, which will last more than 280 hours without problems. This means that you will have to recharge it at most 3 times a month, which makes it very practical and comfortable. What’s more, the pack includes 2 batteries, so you can always have one charged for when you have to change it.

If you value how small it is, its characteristics, and its low price, it will surely become one of the best options you can bet on.