The Complete Guide for Roof Cleaning

The Complete Guide for Roof Cleaning

Regular roof cleaning and inspections are actually critical for the maintenance of any roof.

Continue reading to find out how you can make sure you’re keeping up with a robust preventative maintenance program, how to inspect the roof of yours, and how you can clean your roof – whatever it’s material.

Basic Preventative Maintenance
Roofing professionals recommend establishing a regular preventative maintenance program for the roof. This will need to consist of inspections and roof cleaning two times a year, ideally in the spring and autumn.

A robust roof maintenance program can help preserve the longevity of the roof and keep significant issues to a minimum.

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Regular roof inspections are actually critical for ensuring potential issues are actually identified before they reach a crisis point. This helps prevent catastrophes and affords homeowners the time to incorporate any necessary expenses into the budgets.

It also allows more time to file and process any essential warranty claims before repairs.

Regular roof cleaning can help save your home’s aesthetic and resale value. More to the point, it also minimizes the danger of any harm to the roof of yours or perhaps voiding of its warranty.

Dirt, sap, and other debris on the roof of yours can lead to much more than just a cosmetic concern. The accumulation of such organic material promotes the development of lichen or moss.

Moss and lichen both retain moisture which can seriously damage the roof. Unchecked moss growth may void some roofs’ warranties and even your homeowner’s insurance, making it even more problematic.

Regular Roof Inspection
Inspecting the roof of yours for just about any possible damage, defects, or perhaps buildup of organic growth and debris is actually crucial to a robust preventative maintenance plan for your roof. Homeowners should conduct visual inspections twice annually, and also after any major disasters or perhaps weather events.

Key things to look out for during your review include:

Damaged or perhaps cracked caulking around flashing
Rust spots on flashing
Shingles that are actually buckling, curling, or perhaps blistering
Missing or perhaps broken shingles
Cracked or perhaps worn rubber boots around vent pipes
Significant quantities of grit from the roofing material (mainly asphalt) in gutters
Lichen or moss Whether it’s feasible or perhaps not for a homeowner to get up on the roof to conduct an inspection is determined by the type of level and roof of the homeowner’s comfort. Steep-slope roofs, especially those with delicate shingles, are extremely vulnerable to damage caused by improper weight distribution.

Stay away from walking on such roofs whenever possible. When using ladders on steep slope shingle roofs, match the pitch of the ladder to that of the roof. This can distribute weight evenly and minimize the possibility of accidental damage.

If regular inspections at roof level are not viable, homeowners can conduct visual inspections from the ground, making use of binoculars.

Regular Roof Cleaning
Clean the roof of yours by removing any debris and dirt which might have accumulated from the area, gutters, snow guards, and valleys behind the chimney. Use heavy rubber gloves to scoop up materials in areas you can easily reach.

Try using a vinyl rake to specific areas you cannot reach. Take note of any overhanging tree branches and trim them away from the roof.

Get rid of algae, mildew, mold, and moss with a safe, gentle cleaning product compatible with the roof yours like Wet & Forget Outdoor Hose End.

Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner only needs to be applied once a year to eliminate the growth. It takes no pressure washing, scrubbing, or perhaps use of harsh chemicals, which can damage the roof yours.

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