Should You Choose Your Next Hair Color Based on Your Aura?

Should You Choose Your Next Hair Color Based on Your Aura?

Color can heal. And it also can allow us to know ourselves on a deeper, soulful level.

Since it allows us to access our intuitive side, imagine what life would be like if we could regularly see our bodies’ truest vibrant auric color? Imagine being close to see our moods and therefore the feelings of everyone around us?

Although the untrained eye cannot see our aura without meditating, it’s always present. And while we cannot regularly access the spiritual atmosphere that outlines our bodies, we will dye our hair specific colors to spice up the auric vibration circling us.

But before we dive in, let’s dish on what the aura is.

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Everyone has an active field radiating from their body that varies in color. The human eye is conditioned to not see it, however. But it displays your inner vibe employing a sort of color.

The aura, a bit like our emotions, can change counting on how you are feeling that day, or the overall theme of our lives at any given moment.

How to Find Your Aura
Start off by looking within the mirror for a moment ahead of a white background, then consider focus within the middle of your forehead. Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. the color you see surrounding you is your aura.

Another way to seek out your aura is to stare at your hands for about one minute. The glow you see radiating from the surface lining of your hands is your aura.

But please note that it’s going to take a couple of tries to truly see anything — practice makes perfect!

Once you’ve got found and noted your aura, you’ll start with discovering your next hair color.

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What the Aura chart Says About Your Energy
White: Balanced
Grey: Skeptic
Brown: Selfish
Black: Pessimist
Yellow: Optimist
Green: Earthy
Blue: Sensitive
Indigo: Inner Wisdom
Violet: Spiritually Aware
It’s important to notice that you simply can have a varying and blended reminder of the colors above. you’ll even have quite one color present in your enteric field, as well, which is understood as a rainbow aura.

What Hair Color Should I select supported My Aura?
In order to seek out the right hair color for your aura, we glance at the characteristics of every color. By understanding these colors and what they will increase our lives, we will inspire ourselves on a subconscious level to evolve.

And, while yes, a number of these options could seem a touch risky, there is no better time than quarantine to check out a shade that’s a touch outside of your temperature.

White Aura

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A post shared by Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Jul 22, 2020, at 2:48 pm PDT

Consider an ombré finish to completely embrace your balanced energy. Look no further than Chrissy Teigen, queen of the design, for a touch inspiration.

Black Aura

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Let’s just take a flash to acknowledge the BEAT DOWN @noorface gave me for my talk at the @mtyretreat! If you’re trying to find an ATL based makeup artist, definitely hit her up! Outfit: @tribeofdumo #DontWorryDrini #iAintCheatingOnYou #iTriedAnOrangeLipForOnce #WhenInMexico ??‍♀️

A post shared by Yvonne Orji (@yvonneorji) on May 5, 2019, at 3:56 pm PDT

Go for golden hair to assist you to abandon of negative energy. Yvonne Orji took her braids to the subsequent level by adding in some honey blonde hair when she vacationed in Mexico last year.

Grey Aura

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What am I able to say!? Sometimes you only got to feel blue and other times you would like pink to lighten your day.

A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on Apr 30, 2020, at 11:15 pm PDT

Dying your hair a magenta shade can help rid you of self-doubt and permit you to lean into your visions. How dark or vibrant you go is up to you, but if you’re willing to require a risk, follow Ruby Rose’s lead.

Brown Aura

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A post shared by EVE @therealeve ? (@therealeve) on Feb 26, 2020, at 9:26 am PST

Adding chunky blonde or caramel pieces to your hair will open your heart and cause you to more giving to others. Thanks for the protective style inspo, Eve!

Yellow Aura

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A post shared by Justine Skye (@justineskye) on Jan 9, 2017 at 4:41pm PST

Dyeing your hair a shade of purple will help to inspire your artistry. We loved Justine Skye’s look from 2017.

Green Aura

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A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Aug 3, 2020, at 11:24 am PDT

A muted lilac will allow you to access your intuition daily. Kelly Osborne has long rocked this style.

Blue Aura

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A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on May 16, 2020, at 3:19 pm PDT

Rose gold will assist you to become more self-expressive and artistic. If our May 2020 cover star Lady Gaga isn’t proof enough, then we do not know what’s.

Indigo Aura

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A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on Apr 12, 2020, at 1:41 pm PDT

Adding teal to your hair will amp up your social awareness and private integrity. Hilary Duff took this color for a test drive within the youth of quarantine.

Violet Aura
Going for a crimson will assist you to know your emotions on a soulful level. Keke Palmer wore this color to market her latest project, Virgo Tendencies.

Rainbow Aura

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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Jul 8, 2020 at 7:22am PDT

Consider dyeing your entire head of a hair a lighter shade than your natural color to assist tone down and balance out all of the energy that surrounds you. Emily Ratajkowski went blonde earlier this summer for her partnership with Kerastase before going back to her signature brunette hair.